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During my last trip to London I got the chance to sit down with Claire Norwood, a property investor living in the city but investing in Plymouth. We spoke about finding good business partners and dividing roles and responsibilities, as well as the type of development projects she’s working on and the value she’s found from stepping out of her comfort zone over the past 12 months.

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Getting Started

Property developer Claire Norwood has done it all. She worked in Marketing, was a full-time Mum for 15 years and even had a stint as a shoe designer before exploding onto the property scene.

Claire began her property journey working for Ben Temple, sourcing ex-local authority investment portfolios around Battersea, Nine Elms and Clapham for City top dogs. She moved into development in 2017 after meeting her business partner Dan Stones while working on the interiors for Dudding Court in Plymouth, on which Dan was the main contractor.

Making Waves

Claire, who is based in London, but spends a week every month in Plymouth with her new business partners chose Plymouth because it’s an up and coming area without the fierce competition of nearby Exeter and Bristol. “The green shoots are there,” says Claire. “It’s very beautiful.”

One of the trio’s current projects, Dudding Court, is a redevelopment of a grade 2 listed ex-hospital building. They are working with an architect to transform the building into ten flats and a brand new penthouse. They also have a starter homes project in a former 80s office building in the pipeline.

Planning for the Future

Originally, they intended to develop two or three properties per year, but now they have their sights set on a project containing fifty new builds. “Once you become established in an area things become possible, things start to fall into place and then you have to redefine your goals and your objectives,” says Claire.

As for the secret of her success? “Build relationships, get to know people.” She says that Steve, who manages sourcing deals, barely looks on Right Move. “It’s all about relationship building,” she adds. “If you go out there and talk to people: it’s all there.”

Claire Norwood’s Links & Resources

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